Appomattox County Historical Society Library - Databases (new content added September 15, 2016) Tax and Census records 1845 Tax List (added August 22, 2016) – the records in this database are of great value to anyone researching Appomattox County.  This was the year in which the county was formed and the tax lists identify the parent county the individual was from.  It also states, for most individuals, the amount of land they owned and its proximity to the parent county courthouse.  In many cases it also lists neighbors or who they purchased the property from or if their residence was in another county or state.  We have compiled the entire tax list for 1845 and sorted it alphabetically for ease of use. 1850 Census (added August 23, 2016) – This was the first census taken after the formation of Appomattox County.  The full census, as with all of our census databases, is presented in a format that closely resembles the actual census forms that were used in the respective census year.  We have also included an all-name index in alphabetical order that, in addition to the name, shows the family number, age, sex and race.  Finally for 1850, we have included a summary analysis of the census for that year showing a number of demographic facts for the county. 1860 Census (added August 23, 2016) – This census year is of great value in locating an individual or family geographically within Appomattox County.  In this year only, more and smaller enumeration districts were utilized.  They include Appomattox Court House (the original village of Clover Hill, now the National Park), Evergreen, Pamplin, Walkers Church, Nebraska (now the Town of Appomattox), Spout Spring, Reedy Spring, Concord Depot, Oakville, Hebron, Bent Creek, Tower Hill, and Stonewall Mills.  Other census years use three primary districts:  Clover Hill, Southside and Stonewall.  An all- name index in alphabetical order is also included. 1870 Census (added August 26, 2016) – This census year is important because it is the first census taken after the end of the Civil War and therefore lists all individuals residing in the county, including the slaves freed in 1865.  An all-name index in alphabetical order is also included. 1880 Census - (in progress) Birth, Marriage & Death records The three “Burned Years” databases (Births, Marriages and Deaths) are transcriptions from microfilm rolls available at the Virginia State Library in Richmond.  We have also added additional information as we have found it from other sources such as newspapers.  In some cases, corrections have been made to the original transcriptions based on information provided by family descendants. Births “The Burned Years” (1845-1892) (added August 26, 2016) - For the birth records, they were recorded in a manner that allowed us to compile separate lists for persons born into slavery prior to the end of the Civil War, and non-slave persons that includes all individuals born after the end of the Civil War.  As most slaves did not have recorded last names, the slave list has been sorted first by the owners name and then by the name of the individual born. Marriages “The Burned Years” (1845-1892) (added September 6, 2016) - Marriage detail is listed alphabetically by groom name.  A separate alphabetical bride index is provided that cross-references to the groom in the detailed listing. Deaths “The Burned Years” (1845-1892) - (in progress, complete through 1867, added September 15, 2016) - As with the birth records, the death records were recorded in a manner that allowed us to compile separate lists for persons that died in slavery prior to the end of the Civil War, and non-slave  persons that includes all individuals that died after the end of the Civil War.  Again as with the birth records, the slave death records have been sorted first by the owners name and then by the name of the individual that died. Death Certificate index (added September 15, 2016) - As of June 14, 1912, Virginia began statewide registration of vital statistics.  In researching Appomattox families, one of the resources that we use is death certificates.  This database is an index of those death certificates that we have examined and includes dates and family relationships, where given.  Married females are listed by their maiden names, where possible. Obituary Index (future addition) Cemetery records Church Cemeteries (added September 4, 2016) - There are 51 identified church cemeteries within Appomattox County.  Each cemetery has been given an identification number, 1-51.  The inventory database includes the name, birth and death dates, and an “additional information” column that in many cases identifies a family relationship, as well as military service and other useful information.  Also included is an alphabetical listing of persons buried in all of the cemeteries.  A final link is to a document where we are compiling information on each of these cemeteries including location, pictures, and a history of the cemetery. Cemeteries on Private Property - (in progress) Church histories Church timeline (added August 22, 2016) - This database is a listing of churches that we have identified as currently or previously being within the borders of what is now Appomattox County.  They are arranged in order of our best determination of formation date and includes brief information as to location, founding pastor and any notes of significance that we have collected.. Clerk’s Office Records  – We are also working on indexing the “new series” of various record books in todays’ courthouse; more precisely the earliest books containing the oldest records.  These are indexes only.  The full documents for all of these records are housed in the Clerk’s Office of the Appomattox County Courthouse. Will Book No. 1 (new series) index  (added August 22, 2016) – The database indicates the name of the deceased, the instrument recorded (i.e., will, list of heirs), the page in Will Book No. 1 where the document is recorded, and in some cases additional information about the person or his/her family.
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