***  APPOMATTOX COUNTY GENEALOGY  *** Our “Research and Publications Committee” is very active and working hard to compile information that is useful to those people who are researching families that were in Appomattox County.  Our long- term goal is to identify as many individuals as possible who were in our county for at least some portion of their lives where there is some form of documentation of their existence.  Beyond just identifying the people, we are attempting to establish family relationships and build family trees that connect family members and show the evolution of families through their respective generations.  As one might imagine, this is a slow and time-consuming process. Our early founding members began this research in the 1970’s and compiled a substantial amount of information.  Of course, at that time, they were working with typewriters and no internet.  We have a number of books that they compiled that we had been selling both at our facilities and on our website.  As our research takes us into new areas, we are discovering many errors and omissions in the original publications.  For that reason, we have taken our publications off sale while we perform complete updates.  Part of this process has included creating “databases” that we can place on our website for all to use. Appomattox County was formed in 1845.  Unfortunately, we are considered one of Virginia’s “burned counties” as our courthouse burned in 1892. Photo of first courthouse taken shorty after 1892 fire (click to enlarge) Most of the records contained in the Clerk’s Office were destroyed in that fire.  For that reason, our first focus has been to reconstruct the “burned years” using information available from other sources. Following the link below, you can access our online databases.  Each will open in a new window in your browser so that you can easily return to the main database page or any other database you were viewing.  Please note that we are constantly updating these databases as new information is found on individuals.  Feel free to use this information for your personal use in researching your family.  Come back often to check for updates and new databases. DISCLAIMER:  As many of you may have already found, there is an abundance of incorrect genealogical information on the internet.  When researching your family, our materials and any others found on the internet should be used strictly as a guide.  You should verify all information with primary source documents when possible.  Where that is not possible, you should state in your research the assumptions you are making and the basis for those assumptions.  Our materials are transcriptions of other records, often of a prior transcription.  While we have attempted to present accurate information, transcribers make mistakes. Links to online content Databases (tax and census records; birth, marriage and death records; cemetery records; Clerk’s Office “new series” book indexes) Select family genealogies (family trees) Other miscellaneous documents of historical interest Library holdings (future addition)
Appomattox County Historical Society